Presentation Design
Client: Rimini Street, Inc.
Description: Selected slides from a panel discussion at Gartner CFO & Finance Executive Summit, 2021
Role: I worked closely with Rimini Street's SVP of Thought Leadership to design many presentation decks for senior executives. Through a process of close collaboration and rapid iteration, I designed the deck below, including charts, infographics, slide layouts, builds and animations.
Link to the recorded presentation with speakers on Rimini Street's YouTube channel here.
Presentation Design
Client: Name withheld — $3.5B company expanding into building automation. Branding removed and/or altered to mask client
Role: I designed this deck from a very rough outline. An internal presentation to introduce a recently acquired company’s technology to the larger organization.
I created the icons, infographics, layouts, animations and builds for this deck over the course of a few weeks. The floor plan drawings were are a mix of recolored stock images and bespoke images created to match the style of the stock ones.
The full Powerpoint version of the deck can be shared upon request.
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